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Combustion and Process Heating

475 E South St #101 COLLIERVILLE TN 38017 us

Pipe Plug Heaters

Flange Heaters

Circulation Heaters


Silicon Carbide and

Molybdenum Disilicide

​Heating Elements

Heating Elements

We can also provide products from Fireye, Maxon, Sensus, and more!

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HI-TECH Sales and Service, Inc

Burner Controls

Modutrol Motors

Gas Valves

Gas Valve Actuators

Burner Troubleshooting

Burner Tuning

Safety and Leak Checks

​Burner Controls Upgrades


Low NOx burners

Turbo Air Blowers

Custom Gas Trains

Packaged Burner Systems

Pilot and ignition Systems


Burner Controls

Gas Valves / Gas Trains

Pressure Switches

Tightness Controls

Ratio Regulators

Pulse Fire Controls

​Ignition Transformer