HI-TECH Sales and Service, Inc


Process Controls and Sensors

Power Controls - SCRs

Solid State Relays

Temperature Profiling Systems

for industrial heating processes including heat treat, steel, aluminum, finishing, brick, and other processes

475 E South St #101 COLLIERVILLE TN 38017 us

Single Wavelength Pyrometers

Dual Wavelength Pyrometers

Multiwavelength Pyrometers

Pilot Monitors for Flares

​Flare Monitors


Laser Surface Velocimeter

​for non-contact speed and length measurements



Protection Tubes




Programmers and Indicators

Recorders and Data Acquisition 

Oxygen Probes

Dew Point / 3 Gas Analyzers

Generator Control Panels

Furnace Control Panels

Controllers / Programmers 

Data Acquisition

​% Carbon Analyzer

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

ProTIR Thermal Imaging Probe

RKS Rotary Kiln Monitoring 

FireTir Fire Detection System

MCQC Metal Coil Quality Control