Programmers and Indicators

Recorders and Data Acquisition

Pressure Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Wireless Transmitters

pH and Conductivity 

Process Controls and Sensors

HI-TECH Sales and Service, Inc

Oxygen Probes

Dew Point / 3 Gas Analyzers

Generator Control Panels

Furnace Control Panels

Controllers / Programmers 

Data Acquisition

​% Carbon Analyzer

Single Wavelength Pyrometers

Dual Wavelength Pyrometers

Multiwavelength Pyrometers

Pilot Monitors for Flares

​Flare Monitors

ProTIR Thermal Imaging Probe

RKS Rotary Kiln Monitoring 

FireTir Fire Detection System

MCQC Metal Coil Quality Control

Temperature Profiling Systems

for industrial heating processes including heat treat, steel, aluminum, finishing, brick, and other processes



Protection Tubes



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