HI-TECH Sales and Service, Inc

We are a manufacturer's rep and distributor of industrial process controls, sensors, and equipment We specialize in temperature control and sensing, combustion, and other controls for furnaces, ovens, dryers, and boilers.

Furnaces, ovens, oxygen probes, controllers, analyzers, radiant tubes, alloy, flow meters, for use in the heat treating industry.

Controllers, recorders, sensors, analyzers, and more for temperature, flow, pressure, level and other processes.


  • Calibrations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Burner Tuning
  • Safety Checks
  • Furnace Moves
  • Furnace rebuilds
  • Controls upgrades


Burners, burner controls, flame detection, gas valves, gas regulators, gas trains, pressure switches, ignition transformers, electric heaters.

Heat Treat Controls and Furnaces

Process Controls and Sensors

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Combustion and Process Heating